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Kelly Hoppen's Home Style iPhone app

Last night, I was invited by Kelly Hoppen to attend the launch of her Home Style iPhone app and to participate to the debate "Why the online world of interiors is a long way behind that of fashion and music and how it can catch up” and it was a nice evening...nice people, cool venue, well-organized event. I was sitting at the front row with Kelly and the lovely/knowlegdable Leon Baily-Green just in front of me - her hair (Kelly's not Leon) is amazing and had Dame Kelly Holmes behind me.

Kelly Hoppen's iPhone app is great because it's a unique and innovative solution for getting practical and credible advice on interior design for the home. It makes interior design accessible to a lot more people (which is a good thing) and if you can't afford Kelly's interior design service, you'll, at least, be able to create stylish rooms or to achieve the famous Kelly Hoppen look.
I think we all agree that it is not always an easy task to re-style a room or set up a table. Not everybody is born as Martha or has the time to spend hours planning a table. I mean you know what it's like to be a working mother, you spend your time running like a headless chicken trying to fit in everything...the kids, work, be a good wife/friend/sister, keeping fit, time for yourself, reading blogs to find inspiration...yeah out of breath?! Exactly! It's hard...not impossible and I'm sure most of us manage but it's a constant marathon.
There is a few interiors apps already available but what I like about this one is that it has a lot of videos (about 50) and show you step-by-step examples how to style a table, a bedroom, how to create a stylish room with pretty things and it's fascinating. I mean from an entrepreneurial point of view, Kelly is one very inspiring woman. She exudes drive and energy and you just want to spend more time with her.

However, I was a bit disappointed by the debate. The lady who was running it wasn't really throwing questions to the audience that would really have stimulate a debate and with a room full of bloggers, journalists, e-tailer, lifestyle websites, geeks and active end-users of social media and iPhone, it could have gone a lot further.
With the wealth of rich, inspiring content they have, interiors magazines in Europe don't embrace social media and online more like interiors mags do in the US? In the UK, Living Etc is doing a great job, so is Marie-Claire Maison in France, Rum in Denmark and Elle Interior Norway but can someone explain why ELLE DECORATION hasn't done anything yet!
How many apps in average do people have on their phone and most importantly which ones are they really using? Will online mags replace paper versions? What's the impact of blogs on the industry? How important is it to interact with your audience?
I think social media and the way we all interact together on a blog, Twitter, Facebook remotely with people from all around the world is extremely powerful and inspiring and personally I love it.
If my job was just about spotting great designs and sell them, it would be a bit boring but what makes a difference is that we can all interact with each other even if we are in a different country and we can all share new talents or people who inspired us and talk forever about something we feel incredibly passionate about. Do you agree?

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