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Chocolate cake by Mila Sienna

If you live in the UK and you have bought a copy of Easy Living (the November issue which was actually out in October)... you may have seen me 'doing a Nigella' (Marta for US readers ou 'faire la Nadine' for French readers) where I share my bonfire tips and my SU-BLI-ME chocolate cake recipe.....
And if you have been spending some time on this lovely blog for a while and read 'the bowls that stopped from going to jail' piece, you will know by now that cooking is not my best point....

However in the name of love/for the sake of a happy relationship I had to learn a few recipes and this chocolate cake is one of my signature dishes...Well actually the only desert I make unless you count 'fresh organic strawberries with organic custard from Tesco prepared organically by me' as a second signature desert.
Yesterday, my four-year old and my TBC-year old mum spent the afternoon making little chocolate cakes from a French Weight Watchers recipe and pffuu.... they were amazing!

Now I can't tell you how much calories these little chocolaty treasures had but 3 of those were worth only 3.5 points on the Weight Watchers planet.
I don't know what you think but 3.5 points doesn't seem a lot of calories, DOES IT!?
And 3.5 points is for 3 of these little babies so it's really 1 point something per cookie which really feels like nothing...

So yes we used heart-shaped moulds (bought in France but probably available from John Lewis) and yes I recommend using them because they make any cakes looking like you know what you're doing in the kitchen and no it wasn't Mila's birthday but we still had to go through the whole thing.....taking photos for Dad who was still in Hong Kong, lighting the candles, switching off the light and sing Happy Birthday to you Mila!
But since I'm breeding a little Chef which gives me hope not in my genes but in my skills as a mother, I could only oblige to make my little girl happy.

So here is the recipe (all copyrights go to Weight Watchers etc)

For 3 cookies - Preparation: 5 min, Cooking: 4 min
15 g butter less than 40% fat
60 g dark chocolate
1 egg
10g sugar
10 g flour
Pre-heat the oven at 240 degres Celsius. Put the butter in a dish that can go into a micro-wave. Break the chocolate in pieces, add them to the butter and put everything in the micro-onde for 40 sec. Mix. The beat the egg with the sugar. Add the melted chocolate and flour to the egg & sugar and mix everything then pour the mixture in your mould. Leave it in the over for 4 min...and then come back and tell me how much you love me!

(C) photos: me
(C) recipe: Weight Watcher: Le Plaisir de maigrir, Editions Livre de Poche, page 39

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