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The email from Irish Tatler that set me on fire today

So today, between thousands of things to do, I took 5 min to write a press release about La Tropezienne leather tote bag (tote leather bag not sure how it goes...) and within 2 minutes, I got a wonderful email from the Editor of Irish Tatler magazine (yes exactly!) who wrote:

"Can you tell me where I can find this exact bag on the site so that I can order it? It’s the bag I’ve been waiting to find forever!"

It took me a split second to answer and another split second for my energy level to hit the roof! I was on fire and I can't believe how many bags we've sold in a week!
Now, I really really like this leather wrist wrap with studs from Clare Vivier, the designer of La costs around £49....What do you think? Shall we go for it??

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