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Really loving the Doudou cushion Superstar....

Last September, I introduced Kayatine which is a new brand of gorgeous gifts for babies and toddlers launched by Julie Lepage-Chartier and her mum.
Julie and I have been in touch a lot recently because we are getting a lot of interest for all her Doudous. She was very happy when I told her we got Doudou Lila featured in a German magazine and she said that she recently got an order for 100 Doudous for a shop in Ireland - isn't fantastic after such a short time!! I'm thrilled for her but I know that Julie is working really hard so it's well deserved!
But today I want to show you the Doudou cushions she made...I'm absolutely loving these two Doudou Superstar red and Doudou Superstar yellow. Look at them!! Aren't they adorable??!
The Doudou cushions are made to order in France so delivery times will be about 2 weeks so if you want one...give yourself plenty of time to ensure your receive in time for Christmas!

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