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Petits Bonheurs...rien que du bonheur

The love of my life is in Milan this weekend, watching New-Zealand Vs Italy with friends who flew from New-York and New-Zealand....yeah that's dedication for you! I joke that I'm a rugby widow but actually I don't mind.
Especially since this weekend I started packing our stuff in prevision of our family move in just about 3 weeks and that if my rugby fan had realized how many interior magazines and books I have and more to the point how many boxes of them he may have to carry, he would have gone mental and force me to throw some away (again!).
So with a light heart, I happily packed all my treasures my own time and I'm thinking that I may have to rename the contents of the boxes on my packing list with some kind of secret bank statements/admin stuff instead of interior mags ;-)
However I'm tired. I went to bed last night at 1am and got woken up this morning at 6am by the stupid alarm I had set up the day before to go for a run so I wasn't really planning to write anything but tonight something made me feel really good....
Someone left a really kind comment on the blog and true to her words, went to buy our lovely Advent Calendar.
As usual, I had a sneak peek to find out who left such a lovely comment and I simply fell in love with Claude's blog and her gorgeous family photos....Beautiful, poetic, simple yet creative....a world, a style that I really like. I love what her girls wear, I love the new bedroom of her little boy, I love the way she shot her family....She made me dream, she inspired me....(and unfortunately Mila doesn't want a grey bedroom in our new house) and I hope you love her too. I leave you with Petits Bonheurs...which is exactly that....little moments of happiness.
Bonne nuit!

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