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Feeling Christmassy.....

We're feeling very Christmassy today and have revamped our homepage to reflect the mood in the office.
The gorgeous illustration above is part of the Numskull Jack print by Mia-Louise Mailund, the talented designer behind Missemai prints (if you get a chance, read her interview here to see how she works and came up with these gorgeous handmade prints).

Over the next few days, we will put together some fabulous Christmas gift guide...a bit like our best-sellers gift guide, and full of gorgeous ideas and presents for the men in your love (you know...Dad, husband, boyfriend(s) if you're a busy bird....), sublime gifts for your girlfriends and for the little ones.
And for those who have more dash than cash....check out our Christmas deals which work wonder for those who really don't have time to think about what to get but still need to buy lots of presents...

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