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Noix de Coc' Advent calendar & cushions now at BODIE and FOU

Do you remember me mentioning that after we featured this gorgeous Advent calendar by Noix de Coc, the French designer and ourselves received several emails from customers interested in it?? Ok well at first, I didn't really pay attention to the level of interest and just forwarded Noix de Coc's details to our customers. I had just mentioned it on the blog because I liked it and I thought it was a beautiful and unusual Advent calendar. But then we got a long message from Francois, one of Noix de Coc founders, then more emails from customers and then finally Francois and I talked....
We realized that we both had received a lot of enquiries for this gorgeous calendar but Francois explained to me that although their beautiful Advent Calendar was stocked in various boutiques, no one was stocking it online so we agreed to add it on BODIE and FOU (here) to help out all our customers who were trying to track it down...

Since then, I've found out a lot about Noix de Coc'....Do you want to know what I've learnt?
Well, Noix de Coc's is a family business (like Kayatine, another beautiful French label for children and ourselves!).
It was set up by Corinne (the creative brain) and her brother Francois (the entrepreneurial brain). They've designed gorgeous things for children around the language of 3/4 years old know when kids start talking but they don't pronounce the words properly?
Isn't that super cute?
Kids are hilarious are that age.... They've got all these grown-up words that come out in the wrong way and it's just adorable...I remember when Mila was 3 last year, she was saying 'kiken' instead of chicken...or spectacle was 'pestacle' and canapé (sofa in French) was 'caca' and she is still staying 'the Haircoiffeur' a franco-kiwi mix of hairdresser and coiffeur.
I wish now I had written all her little words that got me in stitches, they were so cute and funny.
It's also how Elodie ended up being nicknamed Bodie when she was little and couldn't pronounce her name.
So Noix de Coc' designs have super cute names mispronunced by children such as 'Le Rinoferoce' cushion for 'Le Rhinoceros' and 'Le Rounard' cushion for 'Le Renard' (fox). The 'Peur du Loup' floor cushion was inspired by children who were a little bit scared of wolves so Noix de Croc' designed a cushion with a drawing which glows in the dark and now children love watching TV lying on their floor cushion.
And the good news is that they are all now available on B&F because we thought they would make a great addition to a contemporary (Barbie/Ben10 free) child bedroom.

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