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La Tropezienne & Messenger tote bags now at BODIE and FOU

About two weeks ago, I was pondering whether we should stock the gorgeous La Tropezienne tote bag on BODIE and FOU. Usually Elodie and I just follow our instincts and our hearts and the more excited we get, the more we know that it's going to be a hit like it happened with the beautiful prints by Famille Summerbelle but this time we were branching out into fashion rather than design and decoration....The feedback you kindly posted to answer my question was really wonderful and warm, which I think it's amazing given that we are all glued behind our computers so I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.
La Tropezienne bag is now available from B&F and I just would like to say to the 5 customers who ordered one today from Norway, France, Switzerland and England, that I really hope you will love your bag as much as I love mine....
I can't tell you how much my heart was beating the first time I laid my eyes on La Trop and why since then, I became totally infatuated with my handbag. It's a beautiful bag with no frills or bling-bling except that I probably love it for all these reasons....
In all its simplicity, this bag is a wonderful reminder that things do not have to be complicated to be beautiful and to last.

We've also added the gorgeous Messenger bag which may well be on my Christmas list!

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