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Dubai's Future Buildings

Now that Dubai is bust, I wonder how many of these will be canned? Fantastic designs nevertheless

the 'burj dubai' is a supertall skyscraper
'the cloud'
'dubai hub one'
dancing towers

'dubai renaissance'
'0-14 tower'
duabi pearl'
dubai towers'
'da vinci rotating tower'
clipped from
the wave tower'
'trump hotel'
dubai opera house
gateway to the city of dubai,
clipped from

'the almas tower'
'stellar tower'
abu dhabi's performing arts centre
the burj al alam'

'the apeiron hotel'
'the empire tower'
'the palm tower
clipped from
'the ethiad towers'. the project is located on a the

waterfront in abu dhabi
dubai promenade'

'the al sharq tower'
'D1 tower'
'the lighthouse'
golden dome'

Desain Rumah real estate design collection
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