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Free upgrade to courier service...& lots of goodies to get

During the Royal Mail strikes, BODIE and FOU is offering all UK customers a FREE upgrade to courier service on all orders above £50, which means that you can be sure of getting your order within 1-3 days.

And I can hear you saying...."ummm what shall I get for £50 from this gorgeous online boutique.....". Well....since you ask, let me share with you some of my favourites...

A gorgeous Paris, London, NYC map prints + these super cute sugar ducks

A beautiful charm bracelet + 4 boxes of these Bird Clothes pegs
(they work wonder as Xmas stocking fillers!)

At least two of these incredible and inspiring interiors books by Paumes
+ a Familia mug to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate when reading them

The cutest Angel babygro for your baby or friend's baby + this stylish Gingko print

1 set of these best-selling Cognac glasses + 1 Typemap print

I could go on forever but if you are not sure and need advices on what to get,
just drop me a little comment...

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