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Blog love: A thing for...

My blog love this weekend is for A thing for....a beautiful blog of inspiring, pretty moodboards put together by Maritza Teodoro. Her choices of photos are flawless, eery and she also has another blog Design Relevant which has also stunning images.

What are you up to this weekend?
My sweet mum went back to France this morning and Mila and I are missing her a lot already. As we were wiping our tears on the train platform, the lady who signals when the train is ready to go, came to check on us and then she felt tearful too thinking about her sweet, we almost hugged each other. It's funny matter how old you are...your maman stays your maman forever.
So this weekend to take my mind off, I'm just going to potter around the house, start putting ideas for Halloween so that Mila and I can have as much fun preparing it than when we planned her birthday. Paint a couple of French chairs I found in the street in white and select some family photos to get them enlarged in B&W and create a mood board like the one I saw at the Martin Margiela Exhibition and hopefully Steve will also put Lucas' new home together
Have a lovely weekend with those you love....
PS: A warm thank to Jo and lots of kisses to Toby for her mention of our lovely Star scarf

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