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Large fabric samples for Crafts/sewing projects

Last night, I was looking through our warehouse and I noticed that we had a few of our roller blinds set aside because some of the poles got bent and damaged in transit and I thought it was a shame we couldn't do anything with them because the fabric was so nice...
We had a few requests from customers in the past who asked if we could sell the fabric per meter and unfortunately we couldn't because we got the blinds especially made and suddenly it hit me!
Of course, we could sell the fabric!
So we have now taken the fabric from the blind off the pole and are making these large fabric samples available for sale so you can make tablecloths, bags, outdoor cushions, curtains, smaller blinds, matching accessories if you own some of our blinds already....the possibilities are endless.

You could even make a new bedhead out of them! I'm currently increasing the height of our bedhead at home using grey linen but the Birds fabrics above would work very well in a kids bedroom so once I'm done with my little DIY project, I will show you how to make a new headboard for little money and revamp a new bed rather than spending £200 in a new one...

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