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House Tour: Solenne de La Fourchardiere

I love when this kind of chance encounter over the net happens...
It all started with an email from Julia who wrote to tell us that she was going there every day to get her daily fix of La Tropezienne tote bag and that she has been saving since the first time she spotted it in December 2009. I waited for this bag too so I know how it feels/aches to crave for it when you just know that is going to be simply perfect for you!
I suggested Julia to go there where she could get 10% OFF which may help towards her saving plan and it did. Then Julia told me that her boss (also French) read our profile and said she could have written it herself... Now the funny thing is that Julia's boss is Solenne de La Fouchardiere, one of the three talented designers behind Ochre (the other two being Joanna Bibby and Harriet Maxwell Macdonald), a UK Interior Design company which I have long admired. So thanks to Julia, here are some nice images of the gorgeous loft Solange de Fouchardière owns in East London (Shoreditch).

I'm very envious...Before embarking on a committed and happy relationship (with me!), Steve lived in a couple of great lofts first in commercial street (opposite Spitafields market) then next to Borough market and I've always longed to live in loft-type spaces except that when it came to having a family, West London seemed more school/family friendly than East London so I let this little bit of dream go (temporarily...walls are going to come down in our home!).
What about you? Did you ever dream to live in a special place when you were single and had to let go of the dream when you started a family (for the best of course!)?

PS: Special thanks to Julia for sending me these beautiful images..
PS2: and may I add too (because I'm super excited about it!) that we are also going to work with Andrew Corrie, Harriet Maxwell Macdonald's husband and this will involve their NY venture...oh oui!

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