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Quite an eventful week....

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and suggestions on this post. I'm gonna try to make the Spinach dish Laurence suggested. It sounds very yummy and healthy! On the work front, this has been quite a creative/eventful week, although I was about to hang myself on Wednesday after we lost 8 hours of my work when we uploaded the files of this new site but happens...Luckily last night, Steve and I were invited by Mydeco to the launch of 'mysqueeze', a new juicer designed by 27 years old German student: Roland Kreiter whose design is now produced by no less than Alessi!

I was very happy for Roland. So many talented designers never see their work produced that I think it was an amazing achievement for him to not only win the 'Pure Creativity' competition run by in 2009 (Roland said to me that he entered 10 competitions and he only won this one - proof that perseverance pays!), to be judged by Philippe Starck and get his design produced and distributed by Alessi (Roland also bagged himself a 5-month internship at Starck's offices in Paris).
I blame the fabulous cocktail created by Nick Strangeway, Mixologist of the Year and served at the party for being nosey because I asked Roland if he was getting any money out of this. I mean, we know it happened before right?!....just because they are big brands, companies try to get great designs for free on the back of a competition but credit to Alessi, Roland is getting some royalties....and no I didn't ask how much but I was pleased he did.
It was also very nice for me because everyone I met at Mydeco was very complimentary of the work we've done at BODIE and FOU and I think it was the first time, Steve was seeing live positive reactions about our "petite entreprise". Not that he ever doubted us but it was really heartwarming to get such a positive feedback on our work. Mydeco's CEO even sported our Tropezienne tote bag and I was beaming when she told me she had her pulse on our website....
On the site, we have also added some fantastic designs like this Bookshelf wallpaper and yes! 4 new books from Editions Paumes including Girls Fashion Style Paris which I'm taking home.

And to top it all, TIME OUT contacted us to have us photographed by Jean Goldsmith for a feature they do on creative people who love and buy things from Columbia Road. I'm dead excited!!! So we'll be off to the flower market on Sunday morning with our previous purchases and you can expect more pics next week of this inspiring area of London.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend. bises

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