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My head in L.A clouds Part 1: Jeana Sohn

Lately, I have been spending a lot of time my head on the East coast reading two great fashion blogs and I'm sure you are going to love them!

The first one is Jeana's who I mentioned in Happy thoughts for the weekend.
Jeana is a thirty-something Artist who lives in Los Angeles. You can see some of her work at Taylor De Cordoba (such a cool name by the way) but she is also a great photographer, a model for Poketo and she makes gorgeous videos. I've watched the one below several times when showing it to friends and I love everything about it...the music, the poetry of her images...
Same with her blog...I adore the little poetic path she seeds here, her little "tranches de vie" (slices of life), the lightness of her writing...
Jeana started a very cool feature on her blog where she goes to stylish and inspiring people's houses, check out their closets, and photograph them wearing their favorite stuff.
And today she wrote a fabulous post about Clare's not only Clare designs gorgeous bags we all love (her new messenger bag in black and gray totally rocks!) but she has amazing legs!!

So what do you think??

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