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Decorate rental properties

I just had a lovely conversation with Fiona, one of our regular customers...
This morning, Fiona purchased the Paris map print by Famille Summerbelle but since it was for her lodgers' room, she got the sample one which was 20% OFF because it had a small pink smudge on the artwork (really tiny) but I thought this was one smart Lady who knew how to achieve a great look without compromise her style and without breaking the bank.
If you have rental properties to decorate too, then I think it's worth checking out regularly our sample sale section because you can get really good deals, unfortunately with samples, very often, we just have one of each but so far, we still have one of each of these beautiful prints including this super cute red Grow height chart now available at 20% off and the Cote Bastide Milano headboard

Desain Rumah real estate design collection
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