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Delicioulsy retro C60 wallpaper now at BODIE and FOU

Have you seen the new C60 wallpaper we added to the site on Friday?? It's one of the new designs by Mini Moderns. I love it because it features hand-drawn cassettes...yes cassettes...Do you remember when we were recording music on cassettes to listen to them on our Walkman!?
My Dad used to record radio programs on cassettes and he made some great compil's...
When I think about Mila, 5 years old who already knows how to skype her cousin in Paris, watches movies on our Mac and knew how to use the touch-pad mouse of the computer instinctively, I think I may have a bit of a difficult time to explain to her that her mum (errm...old) used to listen to music on cassettes when she was young :-)

But I really love the retro appeal of this wallpaper. The C60 wallpaper is available in white and in chalkboard/gold and the great thing about the white version is that you can customize it or get the kids to do it and make it very personal and at £38 a roll, I think it's a great way to create a feature wall in a small room.

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