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Loving these gorgeous Australia & New-Zealand Type map prints

I'm very very happy to have these beautiful Australia and New-Zealand Type map prints in our little shop!
Last year, I thought I would be very organized and shipped all our Christmas presents for Steve's family in New-Zealand before flying there. I almost died when I saw the shipping costs but it was this or hearing Steve moaning about how heavy our luggages were, etc....Sounds familiar?
So I've learnt my lessons and this year, gifts for our beloved kiwi family will be super light like these uber cool Star t-shirts and Star scarves, flat-packed or rolled in a tube and these prints are just perfect! Plus they are really beautiful, original and they will go down a storm!

In fact, writing this reminded me that most of our overseas orders are for our prints and posters, Bird Clothes pegs and Angel babygros which show that not only we have savvy customers out there but also that maybe you would appreciate to have a gift category with all the gifts that are light and easy to send abroad. So here we go....just for you...Gifts to send overseas. It's not exactly sexy for a category name but it does what it says on the tin!

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