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Mon frere

I always talk about my sister Elodie (Bodie) because we are close in age (only 5 years difference), we have similar tastes and of course we have BODIE and FOU but we have a brother!
Francois, 25 years, Warehouse Manager at B&F for the time being (he is doing such a great job that I'm planning to actually chain him up to our packing table) and future photographer.
Today as I was looking at this photo of him taken in Barcelona (pic 2), I couldn't help thinking how gorgeous my kid brother looked.

He was super cute when he was little. He LOVED eating eclairs au chocolat, was bumping into everything and we could always convinced him to give us his sweets. Elodie and I used to make him run to the top of the house to get things for us just by making him believe that it was just to see how fast he was...That was great fun :-)
Then there were the dark years of teenage...and then eventually he became a man and a fine one. Someone who is kind, caring, reliable, still owe me £200 (mouahaha...hysterical French laugh)...I'm glad he found his passion but he is becoming really good at it and I hope like us, he will live his dreams...

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