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Grey love love

In our home in France, I painted one wall in dark grey using Down Pipe by Farrow and Ball (see other view here), leaving the other three pristine white. The contrast of this dark, deep colour against the rest of the room gave this guest bedroom not only a modern, boutique feel but it also enhanced the basic Malm bedframe from Ikea. A trick I used again in Mila's bedroom and you will see that a dark colour works also very well in a child bedroom. Ikea has always some fantastic pieces of design but like fashion, it is important to mix pieces from the high-street with designer labels and vintage finds to give your style and your home a personal touch.
Once your canvas (walls) is ready, then it is just a matter of adding a few decorative accessories and beautiful prints to give your room the final touches.
I think that if I had a bedroom like any of these gorgeous bedrooms in our home in London, I would probably spend my day writing posts from my bed for ever and ever (and incidentally becoming a huge frog...). No seriously, don't you love how the creased white linens look against the grey wall? And grey against grey?
For those in need of a more romantic feel, the two-tone wall will work wonder and will be a less daunting approach to introduce grey in the bedroom.
It's also interesting to see how linens and floorings can change the whole look of a room, how white floorboards soften the whole look while a dark grey wall appears more contemporary...something to remember for future projects.

Images Bella Note Linens via Heather

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