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Ridiculously fab Bookshelf wallpaper

I love, love, love this new Bookshelf wallpaper by Y&B (Young and Battaglia). It's such a great design and a fabulous way to get a vintage library look in no time. I just love how it looks so cosy and homely behind this old and beautiful Chesterfields sofa... It is such a clever idea which will make a striking feature wall...a bit of Old England at home :-)

I'm also very fond of the beautiful 'Books wallpaper by Deborah Bowness. Both designs can change the whole aspect of a room and create a vintage, cosy look at home

The image above is from Lynda's house who re-vamped an horrible tiny bedroom which barely fit a single bed (in her own words not mine!). Adding real books next to Deborah Bowness wallpaper, a couple of leather chairs and a few retro bits and pieces, she created a simply superb room where we could all spend hours reading...well as long as we all fit in it!
Click here for more beautiful, striking wallpapers to create feature walls
Have a great weekend!
(c) Photo no 5 by Graham Atkins-Hughes

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